Content warnings


  • Throughout (literally every chapter): a fantasy world based around blood magic and violence that includes descriptions of blood, stabbing, needles, wounds, and murder
  • Throughout: main characters who commit violence against each other
  • Throughout: main characters who commit self-harm (for magical “bloodletting” ritual)
  • Throughout: eye horror and injuries as a prominent theme
  • Throughout: parents committing violence against their children (and children retaliating)
  • Chapter 2: character has clothes removed against her will (for purpose of confirming the presence of a magical mark/bruise on their skin)
  • Ch 3, Chapter 4: on-page murder
  • Chapter 5, Chapter 8: mention of alcohol use
  • Chapter 10: stabbing
  • Chapter 13: extensive depiction of self-harm as a way to access magic
  • Chapter 14: graphic on-page murder
  • Chapter 16: violence (stabbing) and mention of blood
  • Chapter 16, Chapter 18: the worst of the eye horror
  • Chapter 19: extensive descriptions of blood and traumatic death
  • Chapter 18, Chapter 20: the most extensive discussion of violence between family members, including on-page depiction in Chapter 18